1} You can make a reservation and request to have a scooter at the place you want.

2) Deliveries are made to the following areas.


3} It is necessary to indicate the area, the hotel and the address on the reservation form, for these areas there is no extra charge for the delivery of the vehicle.

4} For more distant areas, contact the MOTOCENTER office for more information.

5} Note the amount of helmets you need where they are included in the price.

6} You can do as many kilometers as you want, it is unlimited.

7} All scooters have a trunk {TOP BOX} and space under the saddle.

8} What to do if you have a tire or mechanical problem, call us immediately and we will be there as soon as possible to fix the problem or replace the vehicle.

9} In the event of an accident call the police { NR 100 } and MOTOCENTER immediately. If you don’t do this, your insurance may not cover you. Also, the insurance does not under any circumstances cover damages caused by your own fault, e.g. if you take a tumble, or go off the road, if you drive off the asphalt K. L. P.

10} What insurance can you have you can have third party insurance this means that in case of an accident with another vehicle and with your own fault then you will bear the damages of your own vehicle. If the other vehicle is at fault, then everything will be paid for by the insurance. The other tip is to have FULL insurance. If you have an accident with another vehicle, everything will be paid by the insurance, regardless of whether it is your fault or not.

11} We repeat that insurance is only involved in the event of an accident involving two or more vehicles.

12} The theft insurance is included in the price.

13} If you lose the vehicle key the charge is 30.

14} There are two payment methods, ON LINE payment when you make the reservation, or cash when you pick up the vehicle.

15} If you cancel the reservation more than 10 days before the rental day, you will be charged 24% of the total price, if the reservation is canceled in the last 10 days, you will be charged 35% of the total price. This only applies to reservations that have already been pre-paid ON LINE. For reservations that have been chosen to be paid by cash on delivery then cancellation is free.

16} For any other question or question we are always at your disposal send EMAIL to info@ motocenter-rhodes. com CALL +30 6932029681

CALL OR WRITE WHATSUP +30 6932029681..